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We tackle complex problems in a manner that delivers simple, smart, scientific and sustainable solutions.



​We offer expertise in ensuring the effective management of assets.


  • Integrated Asset Management - Develop an integrated asset management system and implementation strategy for your business.

  • Audits - Ensure you are managing your assets to industry best practices and standards.

  • Risk Management - Apply a risk-based approach to make investment decisions. 

  • Process Safety - Implement process safety management.

  • Maintenance Outage/Shutdown - Ensure effective management of maintenance outages/shutdowns.

  • Benchmarking - Benchmarking can significantly help business setting strategy and identify improvements.

  • Performance Measure - Identify the correct KPI's for your asset(s) and ensure effective performance monitoring.

  • Contractor Management - We support businesses to better manage their contractors and suppliers.

  • Management of Change - We can both design an effective MoC process for your business and help you successfully implement change in your business.



Our team of global experts help clients from diagnostic of engineering issues to the delivery of solutions.  We offer specialist advice based on international standards and industry best practice.


  • Technical Audits - We perform detailed technical audits against international standards, industry best practice or internal standards.  

  • Plant and Process Failure Investigations - We work closely with our client team to perform complex technical investigations helping you to make improvements which avoid re-occurrence.  We apply Root Cause Analysis tools such as FTA, ETA, Cause and Effect, 5 Whys, Barrier Analysis in identifying root causes of failures.

  • Process Safety Assessment - Process safety incidents can cause major loss of life and business, therefore this must be high priority for any process based business.  We have expertise and experience to help businesses perform detailed assessment of processes and define control measures appropriately. (We can perform HAZID, HAZOP, Boe-Tie, ALARP)

  • Reliability Engineering - We follow a structured process to assess the requirements of your business, and advice the best maintenance strategy for your asset.  There are a number of tools which are used depending on the maturity of an asset including RBM, FMEA, DMG.

  • Rotating Plant - Inspections and repair of steam turbines, generators, gas turbines, compressors and large pumps.

  • Maintenance Work Management - It is vital that work is managed properly in order to achieve safe and effective maintenance.  We can help design an effective work management system for your business which not only improves performance but also helps compliance with standards and legal requirements.



Our team of professional consultants will help you develop and maintain an effective environmental management programme.


  • Health and Safety Management - We provide expert advice on how to develop, maintain and improve H&S Management Systems. We also carry out detailed assessments to check compliance against international and legal requirements (DSEAR, CDM, COMAH, COSHH, etc) and assist in ensuring compliance.

  • Environmental Management System (EMS) - We can assist in developing an EMS for your business or improve your existing EMS in line with the latest standards.

  • Legal Register - Develop a comprehensive legal register for your business.

  • Audit - Ensure you are managing your assets to industry best practices and standards. (e.g. ISO 14001, ISO 45001)

  • Circular Economy - Develop a framework to implement the principles of circular economy in your organisation. 

  • Cleaner Production - We can assess your processes and advice on how to reduce waste at source and safe cost.



Our team of expert advisers will help you correctly deal with change and cultural challenges. 


  • Leadership - Coaching.

  • Cultural - Survey and assessment.

  • Corporate - Social responsibility.

  • Organisational - Culture improvement strategy.


If you have any queries please get in touch with our team.