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ASL Global is an engineering and management business based in the UK.  We provide specialist training, consulting and turn-key solutions to energy companies enabling enhanced performance of assets and staff ultimately saving cost and improving revenue.

The energy industry today is changing faster than in decades, which offers both challenges and opportunities for businesses.  We are well positioned to help you identify improvement opportunities, mitigate against risk and implement best practice. 

Experience has shown us that energy businesses are losing significant sums of money due to poorly integrated  systems and over reliance on suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for technical solutions. 

We provide an effective alternative, we are independent, professional and conceive your business holistically resulting in sustainable savings and improvements.

Our team of experts works with leading companies around the world including ARAMCO,  Maersk Oil, Contour Global, Eskom and GE.  Through our collective expertise we can help you on your journey to reduce cost and enhance stakeholder confidence.

We tailor our services to meet your business objectives in -

1.   Asset Management

2.   Engineering

3.   Safety and Environment

4.   Project Management




We carry out audits against national/international standards and/or company internal standards.  We also perform technical assessments to identify gaps and areas for improvement.  We strongly believe that this initial effort in identifying the real problem can go a long way in delivering the correct solution and the intended benefit.


The improvement plan provides a detailed road-map for how the solution will be delivered.  Each stage is clearly defined with resources, time, quality and safety requirements; enabling accurate budgeting and realistic planning.


ASL will work with the client and provide suitably qualified and experienced persons to ensure effective implementation of the solution.  Progress is monitored against agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


We continue to support our clients after delivering the solution to ensure that the intended benefits are realised. We also offer specific services (e.g. training, workshops) to ensure that improvements are embedded and correctly adopted.