Business Presentation



The aim of this programme is to enable senior leaders to lead their organisations in a cohesive, collective and inspiring way. We enable people to realise their potential to effect change in the systems they work. We support senior leaders to build their personal capacity which in turn strengthens organisational capacity to strive towards a shared vision.


Anyone responsible for managing people and budgets will benefit from the course, however the course is most suitable for business leaders and senior managers both in the private and public sector.


• Understand how to deliver organisational objectives through collaborative working.

• Build a culture of collective decision making where people at every level in the business are engaged and contribute.

• Understand the need to take collective responsibility and personal accountability, whilst being mindful of the impact on the whole organisation.

• Develop an understanding of individual leadership style and how to use varying styles to best effect in different situations.

• Recognise and value to role of each team member. Able to effectively challenge and support each individual to achieve the best outcome for the business.

• Provide clear direction and leadership in terms of priorities, culture, partnerships and stakeholder engagement.


The programme will be completed over a period of 12 months (Parttime) through regular engagement (as outlined below) . Copies of the programme materials will be provided and delegates will receive a CPD certificate.


1. Assessment of development need (2 - 3 weeks)

This is key step in identifying the requirements for each individual and develop an overall strategy for the group. While a number of tools can be utilised for this stage of the programme, our experience has shown that an in-depth one to one structured session delivered the best outcome. ASL Global will complete a diagnostic interview with each participant. This diagnostic interview is an in-depth conversation with them to establish a baseline for our activities. It is expected to last 4 hours per participant.

2. Development Programme (6 months)

Based on the assessment of each participant a detailed plan is developed with a combination of group workshops and individual activities. Our coaches work closely with each individual during this period.


Six workshops (one day each) will be held at the beginning of every month to set the area of focus for the period. These facilitated workshops will support the personal development of the participant. These sessions will include:

• Exposure visits

• External speakers

• Group discussion

• Team building activities

• Reflection Touch Points One touch points per week to include:

• Reading for each participant to reflect on

• Cross department exposure activates • Coaching calls

• External organisational exposure

• Audio/visual material

3. Monitor and support (6 Months)

All participants will identify a leadership improvement project which they will complete in the next 6 months. This project must have clear business focus and SMART outcomes. In this period the coach will regularly monitor performance against the set objectives and support where necessary.

4. Benefit realisation (1 day)

A benefit realisation workshop will be held at the end of programme where delegates will present their project outcomes.


Assessment: The delegates will be assessed against the following key development outcomes

1. Driving value through effective organisational culture and risk management.

2. Draw out a shared vision.

3. Develop new rituals that will build a more cohesive organisational culture.

4. Value the inter-connectedness of the whole system and their role in that system.

5. Collective decision making and stewardship.

6. Alignment with the longer-term objectives of the organisation.

Certification: Certificate provided.